Women of Distinction™ is a signature YWCA recognition event and one of YWCA Lethbridge & District’s most critical fundraising events of the year.

YWCA Women of Distinction Award fundraising supports local YWCA programming while honouring women from Southern Alberta who have achieved excellence and leadership in a variety of areas.

Check back in January for details about the
2019 Women of Distinction Awards!

YWCA Women of Distinction awards recognize those women who through their own initiative, ability and effort, have made an exemplary achievement in their field –  women who are outstanding role models because of their goals and the way they have achieved these goals. Whether recognized as trailblazers in their field, or a young woman on the rise, all are pathfinders, bringing forth the key issues facing Canadian women.

Each year, YWCA Lethbridge & District honours women who have made substantial contributions to the social fabric of our communities in unique and individual ways in one of the following categories: 

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Women who inspire others through their own artistic and creative work or through their support of the arts, culture or heritage in our community.


Women who demonstrate exceptional athleticism and/or athletic leadership in sports, fitness, recreation, or community programs.

Community Leadership and Enhancement

Women whose volunteer work inspires, motivates and helps others in our community.

Education and Mentorship

Women who are exceptional teachers, either in the education system, professional training programs, or community programs.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Women who are entrepreneurs and have established successful business ventures or not-for-profit enterprises that benefit our community.

Wellness, Recreation and Healthy Living

Women who contribute to the physical, emotional, social, or spiritual health of people in our community through their accomplishments, leadership and personal conduct.

Leadership and Management

Women who are managers and leaders that inspire and motivate others in their workplace, profession, or in the community.

Science, Technology, or Research

Women who have achieved excellence in research in a range of disciplines from science and technology through the social sciences and humanities.

Young Woman of Promise

Women under thirty who set an example for others through their achievements in academics, career, or community building.

Lifetime Achievement

Women who have been leaders in one or more of the above categories while serving as role models for the community.


Yvonne Bainbridge
Events & Volunteer Coordinator