Stockings of Hope 2017

About YWCA Stockings of Hope

Stockings of Hope help women and their families who want to experience the joy of the season but, because of circumstances, may not be able to. These women are either currently using YWCA programs and services or have used them during the past year.

A stocking includes a wish-list for a particular woman, as well as information (gender, age, size) for any of her children who may be with her. We prioritize recipients based on need. Some of the stockings are our wish list. These are critical need items used by our clients throughout the year. Regardless of which stocking you choose, you’ll be providing much needed help to someone in need. Thank you for your support!

How to Participate

  1. Visit YWCA Lethbridge at 604 8th Street South and choose a stocking from our fireplace.

  2. Sign your stocking out at the reception desk.

  3. Shop for some or all of the items on the wish list provided. Feel free to include gift wrapping supplies too!

  4. Return your stockings & unwrapped gifts to YWCA Lethbridge by December 15th.


  • Please ensure gifts are non-violent in nature (no toy knives, toy guns, GI Joe’s, boxing gloves, etc.)

  • Please return your gifts unwrapped. (But we’d love it if you provide wrapping paper!) and include the stockings so we know who it’s for.

  • Please code the gift with the code that was provided to you on your stocking to ensure the gifts are distributed to the correct family.


To learn more about Stockings of Hope, or for other ways to give, contact:
Nancy Stuart | Partnerships Manager
YWCA Lethbridge & District